25 2016 May

My Cat Loves His Kong Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

1 kong naturals incline scratcher cat toyI always need to make sure my cat doesn’t laze around all day. When I’m at home, I always urge him to play or run around. I just don’t want my cat to get too lazy. I know pets have different temperaments, but they really need regular exercise to stay healthy. So I ended up getting a neat cat toy that I thought he would love.

Well lo and behold, my cat was enamored by the Kong Naturals incline scratcher cat toy I got him. It’s both a toy and a scratcher, which is perfect. All I have to do is sprinkle some catnip onto the top, and he scratches it instead of other things in the house. In addition, the toy inside the hole really gets him riled up. He goes after it like no tomorrow. It helps him get some energy and not lay around all day long.

All in all, I think my cat will do alright. While his default temperament is a bit laid back and inactive, the new Kong Naturals incline scratcher cat toy I got him really does the trick. I think he gets enough exercise because of it, and that’s always a good thing.

19 2016 May

Fly Crusader Cashel Standard Masks Keep the Flies Off of My Horse

fly crusader cashel standard masksWith the warmer weather that we have been having lately, I have been watching my horse constantly fighting with all of the flies that buzz around her face constantly. I feel bad for her watching her constantly dealing with all of these uncomfortable flies. I cannot even imagine how it would feel to have a whole bunch of flies crawling around on my face.

To make sure that I can keep her protected from flies, I have been trying to find her some type of a fly mask that can cover her face. I know that this will make it so that she doesn’t end up with flies crawling all over her, which will make me feel better. I definitely don’t want her to feel uncomfortable all of the time when she is outside.

I looked at a lot of different fly masks to try and find the best one that I can use with her. I think that my best bet would be to choose from the Fly Crusader Cashel standard masks that I have managed to find online. All of these wonderful masks are made to give horses some level of relief from flies that would otherwise bother them.

12 2016 May

I Always Wash My Horses Hair with Mane N Tail

horse maneWhen I was first learning a lot about how to groom my horse properly, I wasn’t really sure what kind of shampoo I should use on the horse. I knew that I shouldn’t use human shampoo of course, but I wasn’t sure which of the different brands of horse shampoo worked well. I had to ask some of my friends at the stable for advice on what they used with their horses.

I was able to get a few recommendations, but for the most part everyone was trying to get me to purchase Mane N Tail shampoo. One of the people that keeps their horse in the same stable as me even said that she uses this shampoo herself because it is so wonderful. I decided that it would definitely be worth trying this with my horse.

I found a great deal on the shampoo when I went online so I knew that this was going to be something that I could easily try. I ended up bringing it to the stable for the next time that I groomed my horse. I was really surprised by how much this shampoo helped with his mane and tail. His hair looks so shiny now that he has been washed with this shampoo.

3 2016 May

My Cats Go Crazy for Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food

fancy feast gourmet cat foodWhen I first adopted my cats, I was feeding a diet that was 100% dry cat food since I thought that this is what cats really needed to stay healthy. I did some research and quickly discovered that this was simply not the case. I needed to start feeding them at least some different types of wet cat food to supplement their normal diet.

To make sure that my cats would have plenty of moisture in their diet, I decided to feed them each a can of cat food each day in addition to their dry food. It took me a long time to find cat food that they actually would eat since they weren’t really interested in wet food initially. They didn’t really seem to understand that the food was actually food.

I eventually started trying a few different brands with them to see if they would ever get the idea that they were meant to eat this food. We started to give them all kinds of Fancy Feast gourmet cat food to see if this would get them interested in the food. Now my cats get excited whenever I open up a can of this food for them to eat.