30 2016 Jun

A Pet Fountain Keeps My Dog’s Water Fresh

pet fountainOne of the main concerns that I have when I leave my dog to go to work is about the water that I leave him with. I don’t like the idea of him having to have stagnate water all day, because I know that he is reluctant to drink water that has been sitting out long if he isn’t extremely thirsty. I worry about my dog not getting enough water just because he is too picky to drink it.

To make sure that I am able to do something to make it so that my dog has the water that he needs to drink all of the time, I have been looking for something that can filter his water throughout the day. I decided to get him a pet fountain since this fountain will make it so that I am able to have my dog’s water staying fresh all day.

My dog seems to be very happy with the fountain that I picked out since I often see him drinking from it. He loves the way the water splashes up as it hits the water. This seems to make it so that he is a lot more willing to spend time drinking from his fountain. I am just glad that I don’t have to worry about whether he is drinking as he should be.

20 2016 Jun

I Can Rely on Advantage II for Cats

4 advantage ii for catsIt’s so nice outside here. The weather tends to be pretty fair, so I actually let my cats run around outside. But of course, that means they could run into fleas while playing outside. So to make sure they don’t keep them, I use a flea prevention and treatment method that has worked for years.

With Advantage II for cats, I never have to worry about having fleas on my cats. I haven’t seen any signs of fleas ever since I started using it on my kitties. My house is also flea free, because the cats don’t bring them back in. It’s a really great prevention and treatment system that keeps my cats happy and healthy.

So to me, every cat that goes outside needs some sort of flea protection. As the pet owner, it’s up to you to make sure your cats are kept healthy and happy. Fleas are never a positive thing, and it’s always best to use preventative measures. Because once they’ve been introduced into your home, it’s much harder to get rid of them.

11 2016 Jun

Take Care of Flies with a Horse Fly Whisk

3 horse fly whiskAs someone who has owned horses for years, I know they tend to attract flies. That’s just how it is for a lot of animals. And since flies are really bothersome, I don’t want them around me or my horse if I can help it. To be honest, it would be great if they would just go away entirely. But since they seem to love my horses, that’s just not going to happen, unfortunately.

Luckily for me, I have something that’s worked for me in this sort of situation. I use a horse fly whisk to keep the flies away from my horse. It really does wonders for me. Instead of using something like a fly swatter where flies tend to stick to it after use, this fly whisk makes flies not stick to it after use. It’s a bit more sanitary because of this.

So when I’m riding my horse somewhere, I can guarantee that no flies will be bothering me for long. Once I spot them, I’ll grab my horse fly whisk and give them something to talk about. I’m sure my horse is happier because of it, too. The fly whisk really takes care of those flies.

2 2016 Jun

Frontline Plus for Dogs Protects My Dog

2 frontline plus for dogsJust about every dog goes outside at one time or another. I haven’t head of an indoor one yet, anyway. I know there are indoor cats, but that’s something else entirely. So when I think about my dog, I think of what she might get in contact with while outside in the yard. There are lots of icky bugs out there that I don’t want brought back into the house. I also don’t want them biting my dog, either.

So to prevent bugs from being a nuisance, I use Frontline Plus for dogs. It guarantees that fleas, ticks, and lice don’t ever stay on my dog. As soon as they come into contact with my dog’s fur, they die instantly. It’s a really great product to protect my dog with. And as a result, it protects my house from those bugs, too.

So in the end, I have a very happy puppy. I never see my dog scratching or biting at herself to get rid of whatever’s bothering her. She’s free from all those icky bugs out there that would love to make her fur their homes. I think Frontline Plus for dogs is a necessity for all dog owners.