20 2016 Jul

Kong Puppy Toys are Perfect for My Puppies to Chew On

kong puppy toyI have two puppies in my home that are teething which means that I am doing my best to keep their need to chew from making it so that all of my shoes are ruined by their teeth. To do this, I have provided them with a bunch of different chew toys that they might be able to use to work on their gums on a regular basis so that they will be more comfortable.

I really wanted to get them a Kong toy, but I worried about the rubber being way too strong for a puppy to chew without becoming extremely uncomfortable. I looked online to see if I could find ones that they might have made with a different type of rubber to make it so that smaller and younger dogs would be able to chew more comfortably.

I was very glad when I found Kong puppy toys that are very similar to the chew toys that they make for larger dogs, but are made with a rubber that is easier for smaller jaws to work with. I was able to buy a few of these just so that my puppies would be able to chew to their hearts’ content. I am so happy to have found something like this that will work.

13 2016 Jul

My Dog Loves to Chew on Bully Sticks for Dogs

bully sticks for dogsTo make sure that my dog is able to satisfy his natural desire to chew on things, I have to make sure that I am able to provide him with the right things to chew. If I don’t, he finds things that can be chewed around my home such as my shoes or any of the pieces of furniture that I have around. I do what I can to make sure that my dog gets the right things to chew.

He has many different chew toys that he loves to chew, but in addition the these he likes to chew other items as well. I will typically get him bully sticks for dogs just so that he is able to have something more natural and made for dogs that he can chew. He loves to chew all of these different sticks and gets a good amount of chewing done this way.

I buy these different sticks for my dog online so that I can make sure that I can get quality ones that are made in the United States rather than a foreign country. I feel that this will ensure that the sticks he chews on are made out of materials that are high quality and come from healthy animals that were well cared for while they were alive.

6 2016 Jul

Horse Fly Boots Keep My Horse From Having Fly Bites on Her Legs

horse fly bootsDuring this time of the year the bugs can be absolutely unbearable because they are out in full force especially around my farm. I hate having to try to fend off all of these bugs as I make my way out to where my horse spends time all day. I know that my horse has to deal with these bugs as well, so I try to do what I can to keep her protected for them.

I know that I can’t prevent the flies and mosquitoes from getting to her entirely, but I can keep them from being such a nuisance to her when I use the right kind of items to block them from her. I have her wearing a fly mask and some horse fly boots whenever she is out in the field so that they don’t end up biting her in those areas and causing her stress.

My horse is able to at least itch the other parts of her body and can even flick away the flies on her back with her long tail. I hate the flies, so I am sure that having them buzzing around her all day cannot be fun. I try to make sure that I bring her in before evening when I find that all of the bugs become even more challenging to deal with.