30 2016 Nov

Pedigree Dentastix Help Me Care for My Dog’s Teeth With Ease

4-dog-smileOne of the things that I have been worrying about lately is my dog’s teeth. I know that my dog is getting older and I really would like to keep her in good health if at all possible. Of course this means really working to care for the different parts of her body. I worry especially about her teeth since I have heard that dog’s with bad teeth may develop all kinds of problems with their kidneys.

To make sure that I am able to take care of my dog’s teeth, I have been looking for some different types of products that I can use to help. I thought about brushing her teeth, but since I think this would drive her crazy, I have decided to try something else instead. There are all kinds of dental chews for dogs including great items like Pedigree Dentastix.

My dog loves to chew on things, so getting her something like this just makes the most sense to me overall. I will be able to have her chew on one of these every now and then to make sure that her teeth are well taken care of. This should be easy enough for both of us.

25 2016 Nov

My Cats Love the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

3-cats-with-scratching-postWhen my cats started to scratch on my furniture, I was really worried about what I should do to deter them from doing this. I knew that cats really needed to scratch, but since they hadn’t shown any signs of doing it before, I was a bit surprised that it had started up randomly. It was annoying to think of them continuing to scratch on my furnishings and to ruin these items.

To make sure that they didn’t end up ruining any of my items, I ended up purchasing a special cat scratching post that they might be able to enjoy using instead. I bought the SmartCat Ultimate scratching post just because this particular post was one that was really great for cats. It was a very tall post that I knew would work well for my pets.

Now that I have this in my home, my cats haven’t taken a second look at the furniture elsewhere in the house. They just love to scratch on this scratching post on a regular basis. It is going to be so much better just having them scratching on this rather than scratching on anything else in my home. I’m glad I was able to fix the problem so easily.

20 2016 Nov

Bitter Apple Spray Teaches My Dog Not To Chew on Furniture

2-puppyWhen I first brought home my little puppy, I knew that it was very likely that this little dog would chew on my stuff. What I didn’t expect was that he would take to my dining room table in such a way. He absolutely loves to chew on this table when I am not paying attention to him. This is exceedingly frustrating for me just because I’ll come back to find a little pile of wood pieces near him.

So that I could avoid this kind of behavior, I decided that I needed to correct it right away. I had to find something that I would be able to use to make it so that my dog wouldn’t like to chew on the table anymore. After looking at a few different products, I ended up finding bitter apple spray that was supposed to have a really bad taste that would stop my dog from chewing.

I wasn’t sure if this would work at all when I first used it, but soon I saw my puppy looking horrified after trying to chew the table. The bad taste must have been enough to deter him from the table since he has barely tried to chew on the table since I put this spray on it.

15 2016 Nov

An Armarkat Cat Tree Gives My Cats Space to Climb

1-climbing-catOne of the things that indoor cats may not get to do as much as they would like to is climb. In nature, cats would be able to climb up trees and up a lot of other things as well. Outdoor cats often spend a good amount of time up in the trees surveying their land or actually hunting for birds. Even when a cat is stuck indoors the instinct for that doesn’t go away.

If you have an indoor cat, it is a good idea to give them something that they are allowed to climb on just so that they don’t end up climbing on different areas where you really wouldn’t like them to climb at all. You’ll be able to find some different types of Armarkat cat tree options and many others if you go online or look at some of your local pet stores.

These items are made for cats that are indoors so that they can enjoy climbing and having a great time up on top of these cat trees. For any cat that wants to climb, these different cat trees are items that will really make all of the difference. You won’t have to worry as much about them climbing on your counters also.

9 2016 Nov

Some Greenies Dental Chews Keep My Dog’s Teeth Looking Great

4-happy-dogTaking care of a dog’s teeth is something that is extremely important to their overall health. Pain in the mouth or teeth that are rotting out can cause all kinds of adverse side effects that may make it so that a dog actually ends up getting sick. This is why it is so important to make sure that I spend time working on taking the best possible care of my dog’s teeth.

Brushing my dog’s teeth has been too much of a challenge, but I have found some other ways to make it so that I can care for his teeth. I was able to find some different types of Greenies dental chews that my dog can chew on just so that he will be able to get tarter off of his teeth with ease. It is wonderful to be able to have these chews for him to work on constantly.

When I look at my dog’s teeth, I am always happy to see that the gums are a good color and the teeth in the back aren’t all covered in tarter. With chews like these, I should be able to hold off taking him in for a real dental cleaning for a good amount of time.

2 2016 Nov

Getting Cat Supplies for a New Cat

3-catI recently spent a great deal of time looking for all of the different types of supplies that I might be able to use to take care of a new cat. When I was much younger, I had a cat that lived at my parent’s house. This was a cat that I really enjoyed spending time and playing with all of the time. I haven’t had a cat since then, but I plan on getting one as soon as I have all of the supplies that I need.

Since I never have owned a cat of my own, I have had to do a lot of research just so that I will be able to make sure that I can get the right items for the cat. There are so many different types of cat supplies available on the market so I can be a challenge to see exactly which kinds of toys and items might be the better ones for my cat to enjoy having.

It is exciting to be purchasing all of these items because each item that I choose is one that my cat will eventually be using. It is wonderful to be able to imagine my new cat playing around my home and checking out all of the cool items that I have already purchased.