25 2017 Feb

Getting Ready to Get Out My Horse Fly Boots

In just a few short months, I know that I am going to start seeing all of the different flies buzzing around our horses on a regular basis. It is sad that they only get a break from these flies during the coldest time of the year, where spending time out in the pasture is not nearly as nice overall. During the spring and summer, where they enjoy good weather, the flies are everywhere.

Just to make sure that I am able to protect my horses as much as possible, I have a lot of different items that I use to make sure that they can fend off the different flies a lot more easily. My horses can wear fly masks and horse fly boots that help to protect these different areas of their body from flies. It is wonderful to be able to use items to keep them from ending up covered in flies.

With just the right kinds of items that I can use to make sure that my horses are able to stay as healthy as possible, I have managed to keep them feeling great during these times of the year. I just hope that these items continue to keep the flies out of their eyes when it is spring again.

22 2017 Feb

A Kong Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy Allows My Cat to Fulfill Natural Instincts

natural cat instinctsSomething that many people aren’t aware of is that many of the different types of behaviors that they are annoyed their cat does are behaviors that are about a cat following its natural instincts. One of the big complaints about cats is that these animals will often scratch on furniture and on other items as well. The reason cats do this is they have a natural instinct to scratch.

One of the best ways to prevent destructive behaviors is to find some different types of items that can be used to make sure that you are able to let your cat express its natural desires. The cat doesn’t have to go outdoors for these different instincts to be fulfilled either. For example, my indoor cat can get out his need to scratch by using a Kong Naturals incline scratcher cat toy.

While he would probably enjoy being able to go out to scratch a tree as many cats like to do, it is often safer for cats to remain indoors. Finding different items to use to make sure that they can still fulfill natural instincts is essential to making sure that they are able to stay happy and not as destructive on the whole.

16 2017 Feb

Frontline Plus for Dogs Is Great for Keeping Fleas Off of My Pet

During this time of the year, it is not at all unusual for my dog to start wandering off a lot more often. I worry about this kind of wandering that he does just because I know that he could end up getting hurt if he wanders in the wrong area. It is also really annoying for him to come back often covered in fleas that he has picked up from somewhere out there.

So that I can make sure that I am able to at least prevent him from getting fleas, I have been working on finding all of the right kinds of dog flea medications that I can use. After looking at a lot of brands and comparing them, I have decided that using some Frontline Plus for dogs just makes the most sense to me overall. With this kind of medication, I will be able to keep my dog protected from fleas all of the time.

I will have to find some way of controlling my dog’s wandering ways of course, but at least for now, I’ll be able to make sure that I can take good care of him by keeping him protected from the different fleas that are out there. It is going to be so nice not to have to deal with him bringing those home anymore.

14 2017 Feb

Advantage II for Cats Keeps My Cat Comfortable All Year Round

catDuring certain times of the year, it is not at all unusual for my cat to be exposed to all kinds of fleas on a regular basis. I worry about these times of the year, just because I don’t want my cat to be uncomfortable with all of the scratching and itching that it will have to do if it ends up with fleas. For this reason, I have been working on finding just the right kind of medication to treat fleas.

What I can do is use some preventative products that will keep the fleas from ever getting on my cat at all. This is very helpful as it makes it so that my cat will be a whole lot more comfortable even during the seasons where fleas are around. A flea medication such as Advantage II for cats helps me to protect me at so that fleas cannot survive on my cat at all.

It is just so nice to be able to have something that I can use to make sure that my cat doesn’t bring any fleas home with him on a regular basis. This means that we don’t end up with fleas all over the house that might bight me and the other members of the family as well.