26 2017 Aug

An Evenflo Position and Lock Classic Dog Gate Keeps My Puppy Safer

Ever since getting my puppy, I have been doing all that I can to make sure that he is able to stay a lot safer in our home. This has meant spending a good amount of time puppy proofing the house and getting all of the right items put away so that he cannot get to them easily. Since I cannot possibly get my children to stop leaving toys out, certain rooms are just off limits to my puppy.

Making sure that rooms stay off limits to my puppy with ease has been a bit difficult since my kids are constantly leaving their doors open by mistake. I have managed to fix the problem, by picking out an Evenflo position and lock classic dog gate that I can just put in the hall. This gate blocks off all the bedrooms and keeps the puppy from wandering to where he can chew.

It is great to be able to have the perfect kind of gate that will keep my puppy a lot safer on a regular basis. I am very glad that I have managed to find a lot of different types of items that I can use around my house to make sure that my puppy is well taken care of.

23 2017 Aug

My Dog Loves to Chew on Healthy Pedigree Dentastix

pedigree dentastixKeeping my dog’s teeth clean and keeping his breath fresh is something that has been important to me from the very beginning. I really want to be able to work with him to make sure that he is able to easily get the kind of care that he needs so that we won’t end up with a bunch of dental problems later on. It is great to be able to find different types of items that will help with this.

I don’t really have the time to sit around brushing my dog’s teeth all of the time and my dog doesn’t have the patience for having his teeth brushed in any case. For this reason, I have begun to let him chew on Pedigree Dentastix all the time. These are perfect for helping to keep his teeth nice and clean on a regular basis.

Since my dog loves to chew, these different kinds of chews are perfect for him to use. It is a lot of fun to be able to hand my dog one of these chews to work on each day. I know that it is very healthy for him to get his chewing out in this way.

19 2017 Aug

An Armarkat Cat Tree Gives My Kittens a Place to Climb

After adopting two little kittens, I soon realized that my hands were definitely full with this pair. They were some extremely hyper kittens and were intent on running all around my house, climbing whatever they could get their claws into, and generally having a great time at my expense. I soon began to look for some different items that I could get to help curb their destructive behavior.

Making sure that the cats could entertain themselves with their own toys and other items was something that was important to me initially. I spent a good amount of time looking for some different kinds of cat trees that were ones that these cats could play and climb on with the hope of sparing my furniture. I ended up purchasing an Armarkat cat tree that was perfect for this.

The kittens have both become totally fixated on this cat tree and not on climbing the back of my couch or scaling my curtains. They love to climb up and down the cat tree and race around it as well having all kinds of battles of their own. It is wonderful to be able to find such great items that my kittens can enjoy all the time.

15 2017 Aug

My Cat Loves Her New Smartcat Ultimate Scratching Post

cat clawsWhen I first brought home my cat, I didn’t actually have all of the different items that I needed to make sure that I would be able to take great care of her all the time. I was a bit unprepared for a cat since I had found this one wandering around outside of my home. Being able to take care of my cat and to find her the right kinds of items that would help her feel at home in my house was important to me.

One problem that we had right away was that my cat had very sharp claws and she really wanted to use these claws to tear up the furniture that was all around my home. When I asked a friend about this, they told me that I should get some kind of scratching post since cats have an innate need to scratch on things and cannot help themselves. I ended up getting my cat a Smartcat ultimate scratching post to use.

I was glad to see that the cat instantly took to this scratching post. She loves to stretch out as far as she can and reach her way up the scratching post for a good scratch. I am so happy that I was able to find an excellent scratching post like this one that I can use all of the time.

2 2017 Aug

Bitter Apple Spray Is An Awesome Solution For My Dog

I had been struggling with my dog loving to chew on everything and anything. I thought that there was no good solution to this chewing and tearing everything up until I found an awesome apple spray that has bene working perfectly for me. Having the spray has helped me out so much and I am so happy with it now that I have discovered it.

With some great spray for my furniture and fabrics, I can discourage the dog from licking and chewing and keep him from tearing up and messing up the house. Having the spray has been really helpful for me and I love being able to use it all the time. The spray is just what I was looking for and it is the perfect non-toxic product that I need.

My bitter apple spray has been pretty effective so far at keeping my dog from licking and chewing the furniture and fabrics. The spray has been a simple solution that is safe. I love that this spray is really easy to use and that it comes in a great spray bottle that works really well. The spray is just what my home needs to stay neat and clean.