My cat loves to scratch away with her new scratcher cat toy. I got the cat not that long ago and she has been so great to have in my life. I always wanted to have a cat and I finally decided to get one to keep me company every day. My cat is very active and she can do all sorts of athletic feats around the house, which is fun to see.

My cat loves to jump really high and to climb on to stuff and she loves to scratch. She used to want to scratch up the furniture in my house but I got her a great scratcher toy that has kept her busy. The toy has been working our really well for her and she has been using it all the time. She loves the way that scratcher toy helps her satisfy her instincts.

The Kong Naturals incline scratcher cat toy has been working out well for my cat. She loves having the toy and she can use it all the time. The toy is great to have in my living room and my cat can have the right scratching behavior with this toy. The toy is easy to move to another place if I need to and it has been a favorite for my cat.

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