I had been struggling with my dog loving to chew on everything and anything. I thought that there was no good solution to this chewing and tearing everything up until I found an awesome apple spray that has bene working perfectly for me. Having the spray has helped me out so much and I am so happy with it now that I have discovered it.

With some great spray for my furniture and fabrics, I can discourage the dog from licking and chewing and keep him from tearing up and messing up the house. Having the spray has been really helpful for me and I love being able to use it all the time. The spray is just what I was looking for and it is the perfect non-toxic product that I need.

My bitter apple spray has been pretty effective so far at keeping my dog from licking and chewing the furniture and fabrics. The spray has been a simple solution that is safe. I love that this spray is really easy to use and that it comes in a great spray bottle that works really well. The spray is just what my home needs to stay neat and clean.

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