I make sure to take very good care of my dog, as he has been my best friend through life’s ups and downs and he is there to greet me every day. I love having my dog around and I am so glad that I decided to get him. He is a very loyal dog and he is always full of energy and ready to play and to bring joy to everyone.

I never had any pets growing up, but I always knew people who had pets and I loved to play with them. I always had a love of dogs and when I started living on my own in an apartment, I decided to get a dog. I have had my dog for a few years now and I love taking care of him and playing with him and having him to keep me company since I live by myself.

Finding some great flea and tick care supplies for my dog has been important to me. My dog has gotten fleas and ticks in the past and I hate to see him suffer. I have been using Frontline Plus for dogs, which has been great for getting rid of fleas and ticks quickly. The Frontline Plus has been long lasting and it is also waterproof.

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