8 2015 Jul

training leads

For the average dog owner wanting to train his/her own pet, a good training lead is a must. It will assure that your dog will remain safe during his initial training period. Training your dog to heel, sit, down, come, & stay on command takes time & patience. Distractions, such as other animals, people & traffic can cause a dog to move into a dangerous situation without proper training. Many times the only way to keep a dog from chasing another animal into traffic is the effective use of a training lead.   Teaching your dog to become a well- behaved member of his new family is why dog training leads should be one of your first & most important purchases. Learning about dog obedience & behavior training so that you can enjoy your dog without behavioral problems takes consistent time & effort on your part, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

7 2015 Jul


7 2015 Jul

Flea & Tick Control

As a pet owner, you have many responsibilities, including taking care of your pets health. It is essential to prevent disease & pest infestation, since treatment of disease is always more difficult, as well as more expensive.Because of this. you must be diligent in preventing flea & tick infestation. These parasites are extremely common & can cause serious health problems.

Fleas & ticks can make your pet miserable. I’m sure you’re familiar with the incessant itching & scratching caused by flea infestation. Any one who has ever removed an engorged tick also knows how unpleasant this task can be.

With over 200 species of fleas & a similar number of ticks found in the United States, it’s no wonder they’re your pets’ worst enemies.Since they are so easily attracted & move from animal to animal so easily, a strong program of flea & tick control is essential.

7 2015 Jul

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