2 frontline plus for dogsJust about every dog goes outside at one time or another. I haven’t head of an indoor one yet, anyway. I know there are indoor cats, but that’s something else entirely. So when I think about my dog, I think of what she might get in contact with while outside in the yard. There are lots of icky bugs out there that I don’t want brought back into the house. I also don’t want them biting my dog, either.

So to prevent bugs from being a nuisance, I use Frontline Plus for dogs. It guarantees that fleas, ticks, and lice don’t ever stay on my dog. As soon as they come into contact with my dog’s fur, they die instantly. It’s a really great product to protect my dog with. And as a result, it protects my house from those bugs, too.

So in the end, I have a very happy puppy. I never see my dog scratching or biting at herself to get rid of whatever’s bothering her. She’s free from all those icky bugs out there that would love to make her fur their homes. I think Frontline Plus for dogs is a necessity for all dog owners.

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